environment to inspire

a child centered

Welcome to the beginning of your child's preschool journey!

environment to inspire

a child centered

environment to inspire

a child centered

Taking an innovative approach to early childhood education to value your child as strong and capable; rich with wonder and knowledge.

At Discovery, we know it takes a village – quite literally! It's our mission to bring families and educators together to enrich a child's early development and education. Our highly educated staff takes the Reggio Emilia philosophy to inspire learning, curiosity, and discovery to make preschool fun and fulfilling for everyone involved.

At Discovery Preschool & Family Center, we know that every child brings with them deep curiosity and potential and this innate curiosity drives their interest to understand their world and their place within it. Students’ input, intelligence, and curiosities are honored everyday. 

We believe students learn through hands-on activities, exploration and natural wonderment. Play is the greatest avenue for learning in early education. Our fully qualified educators create curriculum to provide readiness for Kindergarten through exploring early literacy, number readiness, and social-emotional support. 

As students graduate our preschool program our goal is for them to leave with a love for learning, skills for inquiring about their curiosities, and social skills, manners, and friendships that will bring confidence to their future.

Discovery Preschools bring the Reggio Emilia inspiration to Santa Cruz.


alone, we can do so little;


we can do so much.

– Helen Keller

"Our family has blossomed so much ever since our son's first days at Discovery Preschool. All of the teachers and administrative staff are friendly, creative, and nurturing. We are grateful to all of them for helping us to build a great foundation for his education and life skills. They are helping us be better parents too!"

"The teachers & staff at Discovery Preschool do a wonderful job of encouraging our child's curiosity along with promoting his emotional and social growth. They have given my son such great tools for maintaining his boundaries respectfully with other kids along with promoting creativity, healthy emotional regulation, and empathy."

"After spending a year isolated from most people, except his two school age brothers and his parents, Discovery Preschool was our youngest's first experience away from home. Discovery Preschool has been a great experience for our child and us parents too! Discovery is a place where he gets to use his imagination free of plastic junk and full of ways to use his creativity while developing social skills with peers. We feel so lucky to get to be a part of the Discovery Preschool family!"