Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Our mission is to help children celebrate and develop confidence in their personal and social identities. Children who build a strong self awareness are more capable of empathizing with others. Educators will help a child recognize how they are simultaneously different and similar to their classmates, which helps children foster an ability to empathetically engage with people from all backgrounds.
Following the goals published by the NAEYC, we strive to create a safe, supportive learning community for every child. 

How are we the same? And how are we different?

How is our family-owned business addressing equity for access to our program?

Equity focuses on fair treatment, equal opportunity and equal access to resources. These three factors are our main focus of research for enrollment and for our hiring practices.. 

Equitable access for children?

We currently accept CalWorks vouchers and we are listed with the County Office of Education as a voucher accepting preschool program. We also welcome and encourage you to share your ideas for reaching more of our County's families, email us at scdiscoverypreschool@gmail.com